Literacy: Daily 5

During our Literacy Block, we have centers 4 days a week. On Mondays, I teach the students the letter of the week, sight words, and the comprehension skill we are working on for the week. The next four days, students are in small mixed ability groups working on those skills.

We use the Daily 5 method in my classroom. Students work on 5 centers (Read to Self, Read with Someone, Work on Writing, Word Work, and Listening) that focus on literacy based activities. We rotate centers every 15 minutes. A sixth center is the Teacher Table. This is where I focus on phonics, handwriting, and guided reading on a daily basis.

Here is a quick summary about the 5 components of  Daily 5 in my classroom:

Read to Self: Students pick self-selected books to independently read. In Kindergarten, reading means (1) reading the words, (2) reading the pictures, or (3) retelling a previously read book. After students read a book, they will have an activity that shows that they learned from their book.

Read with Someone: Students read with a partner. They follow the same rules as Read to Self. Students will read the words, the picture, or retell the book. After reading the book, students have an activity related to a comprehension skill.

Writing: Students have a specific focus during the writing center. Students use what they have learned in Writer’s Workshop (spacing, punctuation, capitalization, etc…) in their writing.

Word Work: This center focus on the sight words from previous weeks as well as the current week. Students also work on phonics activities such as chopping up words, initial sounds, or letter recognition.

Listening Center: Students listen to a story and answer specific questions about the book or use a comprehension skill to complete an activity based on the book.

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