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Week 17 Newsletter: January 5, 2015: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday, January 5th: School Resumes!

Thursday, January 8th: International Night: 6-8pm

Friday, January 9th: Sight Word Assessment

Monday, January 19th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day: No School

Tuesday, January 20th: My due date: Baby Heintz is due!

Friday, January 30th: School Improvement Day: No School: End of the 2nd Quarter


Instruction for the Week


Doctor Appointments/Absences/Maternity Leave:

My doctor appointments have changed to every week. There might be a chance I will not be in due to a doctor appointment. I will notify parents through the blog.  My due date is Tuesday, January 20th. I plan to work until I cannot work anymore. Ms. Ralph will be my substitute for the rest of the year when that day comes. She was subbing for Ms. Burks who is now back in the classroom. Ms. Ralph will be at the school everyday so she will be ready when it is time for me to go. Thank you to all the parents/guardians who supported me during this time. I will definitely visit the class with the baby so the students can see her.


Literacy and Theme:

Our letter of the week is the letter “Zz”. The sight words for this week are: zero/do/that. Since we were not in school for two weeks, many students may need a review of our routines and expectations. We will work on what it means to be a peacemaker and peacebreaker. We will read stories about being a good listener, good citizen, being safe, and why we need rules in the classroom. Our literacy centers will be the following:


Read to Self: Students will read books and look for 5 “Zz” words.

Read with Someone: Students will read different stories that have great beginning/middle/end examples. They will read the stories with 4th graders and the students will ask the Kindergartners to sequence the story orally.

Word Work: Students will rainbow write their sight words, read around the room, use magnets and whiteboards, and sight word assessment (students can use the word wall to help them).

Writing: Students write one thing they want to do better in the new year (or sticker stories).

Listening: Students will listen to a story and draw/write the ending of the story.


Family Project:

Thank you to all the families that turned in The Gingerbread Man Project. THEY ALL LOOK GREAT! AMAZING JOB!!  We will be sending home the January Family Project very soon. We hope you are enjoying spending this quality time with your child and that the rubric is helping with guidelines/expectations.



Everyday in Math students will take a survey and compare the findings. We also will work on our January Math Journals. We will work on the following activities:


  • ST Math
  • sorting rules
  • addition/subtraction stories
  • reading 2-digit numbers


Writer’s Workshop:

This week we will review the rubric (I will send home another copy of the writing rubric) for Writer’s Workshop. We will focus each day of the week on one component. Students will see examples of what a check plus, check, and check minus look like and they will explain why it was graded that way. Students will sit one-on-one with me during the week and assess their own writing with the rubric.



Ms. Prasad-Heintz


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